Spring is coming!

Think about gardening in Augustana’s community garden.

This year (2019) will be the seventh season for Augustana’s community garden. We have nine 12 x 16-foot plots and a large pumpkin patch. A bee hive near the garden produced 50 pints of honey in 2018. Gardening is prescription free medicine with no dosage limit.
Ways to participate in our garden:

  • Request use of one 12 x 16-foot plot.
  • Request use of ½ plot.
  • Assist other gardeners.
  • Assist the Augustana Early Learning Center children with their 12 x 16 plot.
  • Be a composter for the garden.
  • Build planters for the pergola so that plants can climb and cover the top of the pergola.
  • Augustana’s garden and the SAME Café
  • Augustana’s community garden has one plot dedicated to growing herbs and vegetables for the SAME Café (So All May Eat). All other gardeners also provide produce for this community outreach.
  • A recent SAME Gala attended by 500 people raised $90,888 to support feeding the hungry in Denver at the SAME Café and with the SAME Food Truck. The recently unveiled SAME Food Truck will enable So All May Eat to provide healthy, locally sourced meals to people who live in food deserts—areas without easy access to food.

Contact Joyce Thomson (djthomson66@gmail.com) for information on Augustana’s community garden.