whirlAugustana’s Faith Formation (Sunday school) program has dedicated teachers and helpers, exciting classrooms, and solid curriculum. Our mission is to provide quality Christian education in a safe, caring environment. We utilize safe practices in all our classrooms, which include training, background checks, and the two-by-two model of two teachers per class. The Sunday school children and youth will have the opportunity to learn, play, grow in their faith, and be themselves, in a safe environment. Fresh, high-energy, exceptional learning is central to what makes Augustana’s Christian education program top notch!

Contact Shanna VanderWel, Director of Youth and Family Ministry, at 303-388-4678 or by e-mail.

  • Children in Frolic Faith Class (newborns—age 3 and their families) and Sunday school (pre-K–grade 4) meet for opening, 9:15–9:30 a.m., in Christ Chapel. As a group, baptismal birthdays are celebrated, and kids move on to their classrooms with a strong sense of fellowship and fun.
  • Elementary classes, preschool through 5th grade, use curriculum that is based on the narrative lectionary. Teachers move through the lessons often supplementing with games and creative auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile twists. Augustana uses Augsburg Fortress curriculum, the publishing house of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, which offers solid, Lutheran theological principles.

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For newborns and children up to age 3

Augustana now offers the Frolic Faith Class for newborns and children up to age 3 and their families. Developed by early childhood experts, this class is part of a suite of resources designed to introduce little ones to faith concepts in age-appropriate ways. Yes, even starting at birth! The hour-long weekly class includes family sharing, Bible story-telling, singing, prayer, and play—all age-appropriate for babies and toddlers and their families.

Frolic Faith Class takes place Sundays, 9:15 a.m. in Room 2, September through April. Bring the kids and come!

Also included in the suite of resources is a monthly Enewsletter from Frolic Online which includes articles about child development and faith formation to support parents in helping their young children take their first steps of faith. Content is based on the age of your child and the month of the year. You do not need to attend the Frolic Faith Class to receive the newsletter.

For additional information, or to sign up to receive the newsletter, contact Shanna at 303-388-4678 ext. 107 or by email.

Faith Formation (Sunday School)

whirlSundays, 9:15–10:15 a.m.

Children 4 years through 4th grade join their teachers at opening in Christ Chapel at 9:15 a.m. every week. Elementary classes, preschool through 4th grade, use curriculum that is based on the lectionary readings of the day. Teachers move through the lessons, often supplementing with games and creative auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile twists.

Contact Shanna VanderWel for information.


On the last Sunday of the month, October—April, Augustana members and friends of all ages gather in Fellowship Hall, 9:15–10:15 a.m., for Faith Formation together. Each gathering includes sharing highs and lows, scripture, discussion, blessing, and more! You come, too, for this multi-generational time exploring God’s word!