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Healing and caring activities were part of Jesus' ministry and continue to belong to the church. Across the country, parish nurses and health ministry committees are reflecting God's love by working in churches/communities to help people improve the health of their body, mind and spirit.

In 1991 Augustana's Congregation Council established the Health Ministry Committee and directed its members to establish a Faith Community Nurse Program. In July 1994, a half-time, masters-prepared parish nurse was hired to expand and implement programs for children, youth, adults and senior.

Augustana's Health Ministry Committee collaborates with the parish to articulate the vision for health ministry and recommend strategies, resources, and activities to achieve its goals.

Mission Statement
The purpose of the Faith Community Nurse Program is to foster health promotion, healing and caring in the faith community by championing wholistic Christian health and providing parish nursing services within and outside the congregation.

Health Ministry at Augustana participates with:
Parish Nursing/Health Ministry Team of the Rocky Mountain Synod of the ELCA (

International Parish Nurse Resource Center (

Health Ministries Association (www.healthministries

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