For more information on these ministry opportunities, contact Administrator of Volunteer Ministry and Building Use Julie MacDougall at 303-388-4678.

Funeral Receptions

Families of members often plan receptions at Augustana following the funeral of a loved one. A dedicated group of individuals’ staff these receptions, prepare light food, serve and clean up.

Senior Luncheon Servers

On the third Thursday of every month, volunteers are needed to serve lunch to our seniors. The meal is served family style, and the servers put food on the table, clear the dishes, and serve dessert, coffee and cold drinks.

Coffee Hosts

What would church be without coffee and cookies? Every Sunday we offer fellowship between 8 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. worship in Fellowship Hall, hosted by Augustana members and friends.

Home Communion

Members of the congregation take communion from Augustana’s worship to home-centered members four times annually. Contact Augustana’s Office (303-388-4678) to volunteer for this ministry.

Pew Attendants

The pew pockets in Augustana’s Sanctuary and Christ Chapel are attended to bi-monthly, refilling and neatening pew pockets.

Spiritual Arts Committee

Do you have an eye for beauty and enjoy design? The Spiritual Arts Committee plans ways to enhance the worship space for the different church seasons and festival days throughout the year.

Bus Driver

Augustana provides transportation to and from the 10:30 a.m. worship service every Sunday morning. Drivers are scheduled one Sunday a month.