Guess Who’s Turning 50? 

The Augustana Foundation is turning 50 years old!  In honor of the Foundation’s 50th Anniversary, we are kicking off a year-long celebration with the 50 for 50 Campaign.

The goal for the 50 for 50 Campaign is to engage as many donors (large or small) and raise as much money as possible for the Foundation’s endowment over the next 50 days. Use the giving link below or mailing your check to the church office.

The Augustana Foundation is a partner in ministry at Augustana Lutheran Church that supports the congregation’s mission to Worship, Grow, and Go. The Foundation accepts current and legacy gifts, manages those endowed and other funds transmitted to its care, and distributes funds through quarterly grant awards.

The additional money raised will be used to increase both the size and number of grants that can be given in support of Augustana’s ministries and its facilities, as well as in extending Augustana’s Christian outreach into the broader community.

Thank you for joining us this year as we tell the inspirational stories of those who built the Foundation for the past 50 years. We will be celebrating both the generous gifts of donors as well as the many worthy recipients of our grants.

Join Todd Engdahl and Kevin Flesch, 50 for 50 Campaign Co-Chairs, to make a lasting impact as we celebrate 50 years of history and plan for the next 50 years.