Who is welcome at Augustana?

We are glad you are here! We extend a special welcome to those who are single, married, divorced, gay, filthy rich, twice-divorced, and can’t drive a stick shift.

We extend a welcome to those who are new-born, poor as dirt, skinny as a rail, can’t sing, older than God, “just browsing,” just woke up, just got out of jail, more Lutheran than Luther, more Catholic than the pope, y no habla Ingles.

We extend a special welcome to those who are over forty but not yet grown up, starving artists, just plain ornery, folks who blew their offering money at Black Hawk, set in their ways, tree-huggers, vegetarians, pregnant, NRA members, junk-food eaters, those having problems, down in the dumps, and don’t like “organized religion.”

We extend a special welcome to those who could lose a few pounds, think the earth is flat, got drug here by their wife/husband, are workaholics, bad spellers, could use a prayer right now, bad tippers, those who came because grandma’s in town and wanted to go to church, are three-times divorced, had religion shoved down their throats when they were a kid, got lost in traffic and wound up here by mistake, are tourists, seekers, doubters, cultured despisers, bleeding heart . . . and you!

What about membership? What does it mean to join the congregation?

What members can expect from the Augustana congregation:

Through the Word and Sacrament, a Christian congregation upholds and strengthens the baptized in the promises God has made to its members. In all its life together the congregation announces the Gospel, the good news of God in Jesus Christ. This means that members can expect the congregation to . . .

  • provide a vigorous and faithful ministry in Word and Sacrament.
  • hold its members and mission in prayer.
  • support and encourage its members’ vocation and ministry.
  • provide opportunities for members through various groups to relate to one another and to their Christian faith.

What the Augustana congregation can expect from its members:

As parts of the body of Christ, members of the congregation contribute to the “Building up of the Whole.” Members are called to consistent, faithful and grateful response to God’s grace. Membership is the disciplined embodiment of that response. This means that the Augustana congregation expects its members to . . .

  • participate regularly in the ministry of Word and Sacrament.
  • hold the mission of the congregation in regular and fervent prayer.
  • view daily life as an opportunity for faithful discipleship and ministry.
  • meet and befriend other members, friends, and guests of the congregation.
  • give faithfully and in good measure to the ministries of Augustana. Learning to be a better giver is one of the ways God nourishes faith.

Can anyone be a part of Augustana’s ministries and life?

The ministries and life of Augustana Lutheran Church are open to all. There is no prior knowledge, attitude, disposition, status, or orientation required. We like having a congregation open to all people. It’s the way Jesus did it.

How do I schedule a baptism at Augustana?

Baptism is God’s action by which God’s promises are graciously given to the baptized. Baptism is for all ages of people, and one of the most wonderful gifts in life.

For information on scheduling a baptism, contact Pastor Caitlin Trussell at 303-388-4678 or by email.

How do I schedule a wedding at Augustana?

Augustana has two wonderful indoor venues for weddings: the Sanctuary and Christ Chapel, and we would be happy to work with you in planning your wedding. The pastor can then direct you to church administrators who will explain the appropriate fees and contracts. We want you to be clear about what you can expect from the congregation and what the congregation can expect from you. The pastor may also schedule some pre-marriage appointments to reflect on your relationship and plan your wedding. You will also learn of the services of the wedding coordinator and church musicians. Weddings are scheduled quite a ways in advance, so it’s not too early to call and begin the process at Augustana.

For information on scheduling a wedding, contact Augustana’s office at 303-388-4678 or by email.

Does Augustana rent out rooms to outside groups for meetings and workshops?

Augustana’s building is one of our most valuable tools for ministry and as such is extremely busy. On a limited basis we may have space for non-profit, non-commercial groups in our community for occasional use. More regular, longer term use may also be available. Fees for use are based on the actual expenses the congregation incurs due to building use.

For information on availability and terms for building use, contact Julie MacDougall at 303-388-4678 or by email.