In the Bible, giving, whether of time, energy, or resources, is always a matter of faith. In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus said, “Where your treasure is, there will your faith be also.” Faith follows giving.

Learning to be a better giver is one of the ways God nourishes faith. It is the policy of Augustana Lutheran Church to provide its members and friends with plenty of opportunities to grow their faith through giving. A Christian’s need to learn to be a better giver is greater than the congregation’s need to receive gifts. With energy, time, talent, and treasure, every member gives based on three biblical principles:

  • Planned, intentional giving: Giving needs to be directed by prayer, discipleship, and joyful response to God’s grace.
  • Proportionate giving: To understand one’s giving as a percentage, a proportion, of what God has entrusted to one is crucial to becoming a better giver.
  • Growth giving: Knowing my current gift as a proportion of what God has entrusted allows one to decide to grow in one’s gift. One biblical standard is the tithe (10%), and we believe a half-tithe (5%) is a reasonable place from which to start.

Look through our pages for opportunities for your giving!