How do I register to attend worship?

If you don’t have access to a computer, call Augustana’s office at 303-388-4678. Registrations will conclude at noon Saturday or when all seats are filled—whichever comes first. Please do not email individual staff members or call staff members at home or on their cell phones to register. Call the office or use the website, please.

Will the building and property be open?

The courtyard, sanctuary and restrooms will be open on Sundays. Other areas in the building will not be open to the congregation yet.

What will be different when I attend indoor worship?

We will be guided by government, health and/or other professionals, so:

  • Proper mask wearing and social distancing will be required of everyone involved (masks must fit over your nose and mouth, bandanas and the like are not acceptable).
  • As worshipers enter the building, trained volunteers will record their attendance for contact tracing, and distribute masks to those who need one.
  • Collection plates will be available on a table at the sanctuary entrance and not be passed during the service.
  • Pre-packaged Communion wafers and juice will be made available in disposable kits at the sanctuary entrance.
  • Those attending will seat themselves (or helped by ushers, as requested) and will be asked to practice social distancing in the pews, some of which will be blocked for further social distancing.
  • Because cell phones and other wireless devices interfere with livestreaming technology, those attending will be asked to switch them off or place them in airplane mode.
  • Bulletins will be readily available at the entrance.
  • All hymnals, Bibles, etc., will be removed from the pews; those attending may opt to bring their own worship materials, such as Bibles or bulletins downloaded and printed at home, or downloaded to a smart phone or tablet (which still must be offline during worship).

May we speak or sing during worship?

Studies show that singing, even masked, can present health risks, so for now, AVE and worship leaders will be the only ones singing during worship. With properly placed masks, however, worshipers may vocalize prayers and responses, plus hum to the music.

May children attend worship?

Children are always welcome and encouraged to attend Augustana worship. Of course, any children age 3 and above should be masked. Parents of children age 3–5 are encouraged to do the best they can to assist their child in properly wearing of masks. For now, until we receive further guidance, no nursery program will be provided during worship.

How will we be excused from worship?

At the close of service, ushers will dismiss each row individually to exit via ingress-egress directions (arrows on the floor and designated entrance-exit doors).

Will we have a coffee hour?

For the immediate future, no in-person coffee hour will be held before or after service. Any visiting or social gathering will have to take place outside and follow the wearing of masks and social distancing.

Will the church sanctuary be safe?

Prior to the May 30 re-opening, the church will be professionally cleaned; after then, normal cleaning will resume, and the Property Committee together with staff will determine depth of that cleaning. As well, prior to the 10:30 a.m. indoor service (weather permitting), Property Committee member(s) will open outside doors and windows for fresh air ventilation in the sanctuary.

As the COVID-19 pandemic fades, what are the plans?

The pastors, staff, Re-Opening Task Force and other Augustana leaders will continue to monitor how things are progressing, and when a change is warranted, modifications will be made and communicated to the congregation. Once the pandemic is truly over and life returns to normal, Augustana and our ministries will also return to normal. Pray that this happens sooner than later.