Much has changed in the online world and websites rarely serve the purpose of only acting as on online showcase. This is why this site was designed and built to engage Augustana’s current and future congregation through a number of different means.

Augustana is a large, vibrant community with a lot to offer, and it was very important to me that we build a platform that not only shows all the wonderful things the congregation has to offer, but allow users to interact with it as well.

Want to add something to the site?

Before we get into the features, I know that there are a lot of you that add so much value to the Church and have a desire to put some of that work online, or just add functionality to what you already do.

This site is now served on WordPress, and extremely popular and robust CMS platform that has code-a-plenty ready to be deployed on-demand. If you head up a ministry and would like to add some kind of functionality to the site that you either:

a. think was always too difficult to deploy or

b. wouldn’t know how to go about doing it

…I can guarantee you that there is a very high probability that it can be done, and in a relatively short period of time. Please contact me and ask away. I can also add regular content to the site, and give Lyn Goodrum an easy hand in that respect.

Examples: registration forms, consent forms, blogs, multimedia, ticket sales, etc.

New Features:

The following are new enhancements and features added to the site:

Robust event management system with iPhone/iPad, Android, Mac and PC integration

Our news and events page now organizes by list, month and more. Simply click on the event you wish to learn more about to call up all details.

You can even set reminders on your computer, via email or push notifications with custom buttons allowing you to add them to your Google Calendar (all devices) or iCal (iPhone, iPad, Mac).

Detailed descriptions outline where, when, who, and so forth.

Dynamic Contact Forms

Simple drop-downs allow you to get in touch with anyone or any ministry you’re looking for.

Search Functionality

Looking for something? There is a search block embedded right in the right-hand side of the navigation as well as the footer.

Online Giving Enhancements

Giving to Augustana online is now easier than ever with a built-in form for doing so. Alternatively, PayPal may be used as well. Recurring donations are possible, with the ability to specify where the gift is going to.

Fully Responsive and Viewable on All Devices

This website is fully responsive and will adjust accordingly, regardless of the screen size (mobile or desktop). It also has built-in capabilities for Retina display on Apple devices.

New Twitter Account

Augustana is now on Twitter as well!

Improved E-Pistle Newsletter

Integrated online forms allow you to easily subscribe to Augustana’s E-Pistle newsletter, powered by MailChimp.

Aesthetic Changes

Pretty obvious, but much has been done to change the look and feel of Augustana’s online presence.

Back-End Search Optimization

This site features code that will make it easy for you and others to find what you need through Google, Yahoo or Bing without even visiting our homepage.