Pipe Organs

Augustana Lutheran Church is fortunate to have two pipe organs and a set of tower bells. These musical instruments are used each week to offer music to the glory of God.



The Sanctuary organ was built by the Reuter Organ Company of Lawrence, Kansas.

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The Chapel organ was built by the Wicks Organ Company of Highland, Illinois.

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Tower Bells

The church has a 115-foot tall tower for its three bells. At the top of the tower is a black sphere representing the word and above that is a cross. The bells were cast by Petit-Fritzen of Holland and each bell is embossed with the apostles. The largest bell (G) is 41 inches in diameter and weighs 1,540 pounds. The middle bell (B) is 32 inches and weighs 750 pounds. The smallest bell (D) is 27 inches in diameter and weighs 440 pounds. The bells are cast in the highest grade bellbronze with 80 percent virgin red copper and 20 percent virgin tin. These bells were cast for Augustana Lutheran Church.

The initial conversations about a bell tower were made from December 1957 to June 1959. The contract with Petit-Fritzen was signed on December 15, 1959, and the bells were in place for Easter on April 17, 1960. The cost of $5,750 was donated by Augustana member Ellen Kramer in memory of her parents. The bells were later refurbished in 2011 by the Verdin Company of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Katherine Cruson