We hope you will participate in our 2023 Stewardship Appeal “Grace in Action”

For those who are not familiar with our annual Stewardship Appeal, it’s a time when we ask you to consider a financial commitment (also known as a pledge) for the following year. A pledge helps us effectively plan how we can fund the ministries we do together.

Hear more about the ways Augustana is thriving in ministry and our plans for 2023 through mission moments during worship. You’ll hear how your giving makes a difference in the lives of people inside and outside the walls of our church building as we continue to live out the love of Jesus in a challenging time.

As we move towards a balanced budget over the next few years, we are asking every household to prayerfully consider increasing their pledge. Most households will receive a pledge card in the mail. Please call Augustana’s office (303-388-4678) if you need a card.

Commitment Sunday, October 23

We will be celebrating Commitment Sunday on October 23, and there are two ways for you to submit your financial commitment (or pledge) for 2023:

  • By filling out a pledge card and bringing it to the church building
  • Or by filling out an online form below

Please continue to pray for our congregation and the continued joy we find together in worshiping, growing, and going into the community in Jesus’ name.



2023 Online Pledge Form


  • Our Intended Giving

    In response to God's grace and love in Christ Jesus, I/we intend to give this offering during 2023 beginning January 1 in support of Augustana Lutheran Church's ministries. I/We understand that this amount can be changed if necessary by notifying Augustana's office.
  • I/We intend to give through
  • Our intended gift will come