How do I request prayer of Augustana?

There are two ways to request prayer that end up in different prayer streams:

  1. For time sensitive or urgent prayer requests, or for spoken prayer during Sunday worship, please contact Augustana’s office at 303-388-4678, or fill out a worship slip found on the front of the Sunday worship bulletin.
  2. Use the online form to submit a prayer request for Augustana’s Prayer Chain, a group committed to praying weekly for congregational and community prayer requests.

How do I become a link on the Prayer Chain?

The Prayer Chain is made up of people who pray for the ongoing prayer requests of the congregation. They are also contacted by phone or email when an urgent request for prayer is made to Augustana’s office. The Prayer Chain receives the prayer guide via email once a week and prays for those requests during the week. Let us know if you’re interested in being on the Prayer Chain by emailing your preferred phone number and e-mail to Pastor Caitlin.